These designs have been inspired and created with the Aztec style in mind.  However, they would add beautiful detail to any project.

There are currently three MDF boards to choose from…

2mm MDF

Aztec Details Large – Set within an A4 Board:

  • 2 x Aztec Corners (example of size – Corner 120mm x 120mm)
  • 2x Aztec Straights
  • 1x Aztec Central

Aztec Details Medium – Set within an A5 Board:

  • 4x Aztec Corners (example of size – Corner 80mm x 80mm)
  • 2x Aztec Straights

Aztec Centrals – Set within an A5 Board:

  • 2x Aztec Centrals

Additional information


Aztec Details L, Aztec Details M, Aztec Centrals


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