A lovely FREEBIE bag of Drop-Outs!

During one of our crafty Facebook lives we discussed drop outs!  It seems quite a few of you are interested in receiving these… so guess what? Yup, you’ve got it, we have now added them as a product in their own right.  Now there’s no need to remember to make a note on our check out page (as we originally suggested), we have made it easier for you – just add this like any other product to your purchase and we will pop some in your package.

So, what’s included?

When we say drop outs, this could be anything in either 3mm, 2mm MDF or Craftboard and most probably a combination of at least two of these.  It will vary greatly and the shapes and pieces is dependent on what is being cut at the time.  It may also, on the rare occasion, include a seconds piece (where perhaps it hasn’t cut properly!).

We hope to include some interesting shapes that you can no doubt use in your projects (again, it will depend on what’s recently been cut), and there will be standard drop out shapes too like rectangles, circles etc and a lot of other ‘drop-outs’ of nondescript shapes that are brilliant to use as fillers/packers to help in your more 3-dimensional artworks.

As this product item is FREE, we will limit one small bag of ‘Drop Outs’ per purchase.


Additional information


2mm, 3mm


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