Art Hobballs are a light-weight, porous, non-toxic, solvent-free, odour-neutral, anti-allergenic and environmentally friendly material.

Why not create new effects and give your artworks that extra dimension!  Hobballs can be glued on to your artworks first before adding colour and wet mediums, or alternatively mixed into your paints, pastes or textile hardeners for a combined application.  As Hobballs are neutral in colour they are also perfect for your inks and sprays, so why not create a colour range of your own choice?

Being a brand new product to our own range of items, and wanting to do our little bit (where possible) for the environment, we are also giving you the option to just choose bags instead of tubs when purchasing!  If you already have a tub or an old coffee jar, why not revamp one, resuse it and fill with our Hobballs?

Sizes – Small, Medium, Large

Supplied in:

150ml Plastic Bag (Refills)

150ml Tub (Recyled Plastic Tub)

We also have an offer available in sets of three – one x 150ml per size… Why not give them a go and make a saving?


Additional information


Bag -Small, Bag – Medium, Bag – Large, Tub – Small, Tub – Medium, Tub – Large, Bags – set of 3 sizes, Tubs – set of 3 sizes


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