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We supply some MDF boards which can be used as a base for your mixed media art projects, instead of using the traditional canvas board/frame but also they are a great alternative to be made into a cover for your scrapbooking/journalling.  Each size has been cut ‘oversized’ to take this option into consideration; As these are not pre-drilled, it allows you to decide how many holes and where along the short edge, or long edge, you would like your binding to take place.

All are made from 3mm MDF

  • Oversized A5 = 160 x 220mm
  • Oversized A4 = 220 x 310mm
  • Oversized 300mm Sq = 320 x 320mm

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Oversized A5 (160x220mm), Oversized A4 (220x310mm), 320mm Sqaure


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