Bottle sizes: 125ml OR 250ml

Pentart Glass Resin 1:1 – 125ml. or 1:1 250ml

Glass Resin is a two-component synthetic resin system; combined at room temperature, the two components harden into a transparent, glossy, hard, glass-type material.

Two parts of component “A” of the glass varnish is epoxy synthetic resin. Mix one part Component “A” to to one part of component “B” which provides the structure of the material. Within one-half hour, pour the substance onto the surface to be treated and use a brush or spreading knife to spread it evenly. Alternatively, pour it into plastic molds. Drying time is 48 hours – hardens completely within three days.

Suitable for a variety of uses, from making jewelry to producing large, smooth, highly resistant surfaces. Also recommended for tiling

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125ml, 250ml


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