Why not create your own mini adventure with our Fantastic Expedition Range, the various options for purchasing are as follows;


Suitcase Kit Only

  • Our Mini Suitcase self assembly kit is easy to put together and comes with two hinges:

Made up Measurements: 250mm x 145mm x 65mm


Book Covers Only

  • Create your own book by choosing our 3mm Greyboard Cover set (with 5 pin holes for binding)

210mm x 150mm


Embellishment Kit

  • MDF :



Double Layered Steampunk Travel Ticket (5 pieces)

Drago Wings x 2

Pegasus Wings x 2

Cogs x 8

  • METAL :

cogs x 10 **Updated 07/04/20** Replaced with 4x MitForm Gears + 6x Cogs (not pictured)

  • GREYBOARD THIN (1mm) : **Updated 07/04/20** Replaced with Craftboard (not pictured)

Clocks x 3

Clock Hands x 2 sets

Circles x 10 (To create stud base )

Wording: Bon Voyage, Buen Viaje, Voyager.

Tags x 2

  • Travel Cabuchons x 2
  • Gems x 10 (To create the stud top)


Fantastic Expedition Complete Set

  • Mini Suitcase self assembly kit
  • 3mm Greyboard Cover set (with 5 pin holes for binding)
  • 8x Metal Corners and two Catch Locks
  • All the Elements from the Embellishment Set

*** If you love the papers we have used, why not check out our Stamperia page, we have used ‘Voyages Fantastique’ on these but there are so many other beautiful paper pads to choose from and inspire you ***

*Would you prefer your suitcase to have a more ornately detailed hinge and latch instead? We may have just the thing you are looking for – take a look in our ‘Findings’ section for Ornate Hinge and Latch Sets.


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Mini Suitcase Kit Only, Book Covers Only, Complete Fantastic Expedition Kit


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