We have often been asked what we use to varnish and seal our projects, well these are by far our favourites and therefore we have decided to stock them for you too!… Over time we will also add Gloss finishes, but for now we have three types of Polyvine Varnishes, two in Satin Finish and one Dead Flat to choose from (If you are interested in any other finish please message us and we will look to bring the stock in sooner, if enough interest!):

  • Crystal Clear Lacquer – Interior and Exterior
    • Cross linked lacquer that dries hard, crystal clear satin finish. Can also be used as a multi surface primer.
    • Good for – Metal Surfaces – Laminate – Timber Surfaces – Tile – Ceramic – Glass – Plastics
    • Supplied in 100ml/3.52oz tubs = £4.95
  • Heavy Duty Extreme Varnish – Interior and Exterior
    • The strongest single pack for the ultimate protection of interior and exterior surfaces and industrial level of finish.
    • Good for – Wood – Marine – Worktops – Doors – Furniture – Concrete Paving – Unglazed Tiles – Slate – Brick
    • Supplied in 100ml/3.52oz tubs = £8.75
  • Dead Flat Finish Decorators Varnish – Interior and exterior
    • A unique, clear acrylic varnish that uses nano technology to protect a wide range of decorative surfaces. UV blocking and absorption reduce aging and deterioration
    • Good for – Internal wood – Fabric – Decorative paintwork – Wallpaper – Murals – Plaster
    • Supplied in 100ml/3.52oz tubs = £5.50

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Crystal Clear Lacquer, Heavy Duty Extreme Varnish, Dead Flat Finish


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