For a little toil and trouble, here is our Witchwood Moon Kit.  The full kits are extremely limited due to the time and cost in putting it all together, so once they are gone, they are gone!

Basic Kit Elements:

  • 3mm MDF Elements creating your Witchwood Moon Frame and Base
  • 1mm Greyboard creating your partial depth cover!
  • 4 x Gravestones – 2x small and 2x mini
  • Self assembly instructions

Full Kit additionally includes:

  • 1 x Couldron – Every worthwhile witch has one!
  • 1 x Broomstick
  • 3 miniature Pumpkins
  • Mini Glass Bubbles (hubble bubble!!)
  • Glass Ball – Create your own crystal Ball
  • 3 x (witchy) Crystals

Finished Size – 210mm W x 210mm H x 140mm D

Not included:

The 3D effect tree: If you like ours and would like to create your own, – we recommend this also – please see our separate product ‘Gnarly Tree Tutorial’.

  • A separate, stand-alone video tutorial showing you the process we used in creating our gnarly old tree.  We will also send you a list of products you will need to purchase or find around your house/shed, plus a step by step sheet – this will also be available from 04.09.23
    • Please note we did think about supplying all these products too but it would end up too costly and also you may actually have everything you need already in your shed!!).


All measurements approximate.


Additional information


Witchwood Basic, Witchwood Full


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